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About Alumni Associations


Phi Beta Kappa alumni associations exist in many areas of the United States and membership is open to anyone inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. The associations exist to foster friendship and learning in their communities, and they provide a means for members to continue their active affiliation with the Society after graduation. Today, there are about 50 active associations. To find an association near you, go to the Association Directory. To find out about Association events, go to the Calendar.

The first Phi Beta Kappa association was established in New York City in 1877. Since that time, associations have been formed in various regions of the country and in metropolitan areas.  At different times in the past, associations were also active in other countries.

Initially, associations confined their activities to banquets, lectures, and discussions among members. Today, association programs include scholarship funds at every level in the nation's education system, prizes for student achievement and excellence in teaching, and a spectrum of programs and activities of cultural and intellectual interest. The associations often work with chapters in their communities on programs such as teacher institutes or honors ceremonies.

The formation of a Phi Beta Kappa association is usually initiated by members in a particular community, with the assistance of the Society's national office. After an initial waiting period, the achievement of an ongoing program of activities and a stable membership base, an association may apply to the Committee on Associations for a charter. The association may then be officially recognized by the Society's Senate and thereafter permitted to take part, along with other chartered associations and chapters, in Phi Beta Kappa's governance.

The Society's triennial councils include a Conference of Association Delegates. The secretary and chair of this group, ex officio members of the Committee on Associations, serve as the associations' representatives to the Phi Beta Kappa Senate.

Information for members interested in organizing a Phi Beta Kappa alumni association is available under the section Starting an Association and may also be obtained from associations@pbk.org.


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