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ΦBK-Teagle Grant: Deliberation About Things That Matter

For 230 years, Phi Beta Kappa has advocated excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. “Deliberation about Things that Matter” emphasizes the first purpose of the Society: to encourage the application of learning and scholarship in the examination of important topics.

The activities will comprise various combinations of seminars, discussions, forums, and other forms of instructional engagement. The Phi Beta Kappa local chapter will develop a pattern that reflects local needs and possibilities, in concert with the co-sponsoring institutional authority. To the extent that we are successful in dovetailing this project with an on-going, locally motivated study, as seems desirable, we expect the effect of the activities to be magnified.

Our broad project is to empower Phi Beta Kappa chapters to play stronger roles on their campuses as champions of liberal arts education. Events on the following campuses will be funded by a grant of $100,000 to the Phi Beta Kappa Society from the Teagle Foundation.


Carnegie Mellon University

Colorado College

Drake University

Hendrix College

Hope College

Stetson University

University of Texas at Austin

University of Vermont

Wabash College

Washington State University


Phi Beta Kappa Project funded by The Teagle Foundation



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