Christian Gauss Award Winners


2019  Looking for Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry by Imani Perry (Beacon Press) 
2018  Henry David Thoreau: A Life by Laura Dassow Walls (University of Chicago Press)
2017  Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life by Ruth Franklin (Liveright)
2016  The Poetry of John Milton by Gordon Teskey (Harvard University Press)
2015  Philology: The Forgotten Origins of the Modern Humanities by James Turner (Princeton University Press)
2014 The Novel: An Alternative History, 1600-1800, by Steven Moore (Bloomsbury Academic)
2013  Jane Austen's Cults and Cultures by Claudia L. Johnson (The University of Chicago Press)
2012  A Most Dangerous Book: Tacitus's Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich by Christopher B. Krebs (W.W. Norton)
2011  From Battlefields Rising: How the Civil War Transformed American Literature by Randall Fuller (Oxford University Press)
2010 Telling Images: Chaucer and the Imagery of Narrative II by V.A. Kolve (Stanford University Press)
2009 A Summer of Hummingbirds: Love, Art, and Scandal in the Intersecting Worlds of Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, & Martin Johnson Heade by Christopher Benfey (The Penguin Press)
2008 Henry James Goes to Paris by Peter Brooks (Princeton University Press)
2007 In Search of Nella Larsen: A Biography of the Color Lineby George Hutchinson (Bellknap Press of the Harvard University Press) 
2006 Dickinson's Misery: A Theory of Lyric Reading  by Virginia Jackson (Princeton University Press)
2005 Shakespeare After All  by Marjorie Garber (Pantheon Books)
2004 Emerson  by Lawrence Buell (Harvard University Press) 
2003 The Irish Story: Telling Tales and Making It Up in Ireland  by R.F. Foster (Oxford University Press)
2002  Poetry and the Fate of the Senses  by Susan Stewart (The University of Chicago Press)
2001 Transcendental Wordplay: America's Romantic Punsters & the Search for the Language of Nature  by Michael West (Ohio University Press)
2000 Unearthing the Past: Archaeology and Aesthetics in the Making of Renaissance Culture  by Leonard Barkan (Yale University Press)
1999  Memory & Narrative: The Weave of Life-Writing  by James Olney (University of Chicago Press)
1998 The Mirror of Justice: Literary Reflections of Legal Crises  by Theodore Ziolkowski (Princeton University Press)
1997 The Title to the Poem  by Anne Ferry (Stanford University Press)
1996 What is Pastoral?  by Paul Alpers (University of Chicago Press)
1995  Dostoevsky: The Miraculous Years, 1865-1871  by Joseph Frank (Princeton University Press)
1994 The Mystery to a Solution: Poe, Borges, and the Analytic Detective Story  by John T. Irwin (The Johns Hopkins University Press)
1993 To Wake the Nations: Race in the Making of American Literature  by Eric J. Sundquist (The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press)
1992  Chaucer and the Subject of History by Lee Patterson (University of Wisconsin Press)
1991  The Presence of the Present: Topics of the Day in the Victorian Novel  by Richard D. Altick (Ohio State University Press)
1990  Dostoevsky: Emerson: The Roots of Prophecy  by Evelyn Barish (Princeton University Press)
1989  Ruin the Sacred Truths: Poetry and Belief from the Bible to the Present by Harold Bloom (Harvard University Press)
1988  Beneath the American Renaissance: Subversive Imagination in the Age of Emerson and Melville  by David S. Reynolds (Harvard University Press) 
1987 The Gods Made Flesh: Metamorphosis and the Pursuit of Paganism  by Leonard Barkan (Yale University Press)
1986 Alexander Pope: A Life  by Maynard Mack (Norton)
1985 The English Elegy: Studies in the Genre from Spense to Yeats  by Peter M. Sacks (Johns Hopkins University Press)
1984 Swift: The Man, His Works, and the Age, Volume III, Dean Swift  by Irvin Ehrenpreis (Harvard University Press)
1983 The Idea of the Lyric: Lyric Modes in Ancient and Modern Poetry by W. R. Johnson (University of California Press)
1982 The Life of the Poet: Beginning and Ending Poetic Careers  by Maynard Mack (University of Chicago Press) 
1981 Tennyson: The Unquiet Heart  by Robert Bernard Martin (Oxford University Press)
1980 The Creation of Nikolai Gogol  by Donald L. Fanger (Belknap-Harvard University Press)
1979 The Ways of the World: Comedy and Society  by Robert B. Heilman (University of Washington Press)
1978 Person, Place, and Thing in Henry James’s Novels  by Charles R. Anderson (Duke University Press)
1977 Dostoevsky: The Seeds of Revolt, 1821-1849  by Joseph Frank (Princeton University Press)
1976 T. S. Eliot: The Pattern in the Carpet  by Elisabeth W. Schneider (University of California Press)
1975  Mandelstam  by Robert Gittings (Atlantic-Little, Brown) 
1974 Young Thomas Hardy  by Clarence Brown (Cambridge University Press)
1973 Kings, Beasts, and Heroes  by Gwyn Jones (Oxford University Press)
1972 The Pound Era by Hugh Kenner (University of California Press)
1971  Politics in English Romantic Poetry  by Carl Woodring (Harvard University Press)
1970 The Burden of the Past and the English Poet  by Walter Jackson Bate (Harvard University Press)
1969 Shaw the Dramatist by Louis Crompton (University of Nebraska Press)
1968 Poetic Closure: A Study of How Poems End  by Barbara Herrnstein Smith (University of Chicago Press)
1967 The American 1890s: Life and Times of a Lost Generation  by Larzer Ziff (Viking Press)
1966 The Cave and the Mountain: A Study of E. M. Forster  by Wilfred Stone (Stanford University Press)
1965 Wordsworth’s Poetry, 1787-1814  by Geoffrey H. Hartman (Yale University Press)
1964 John Keats  by Walter Jackson Bate (Harvard University Press)
1963 Contrary Music: The Prose Style of John Donne  by Joan Webber (University of Wisconsin Press)
1962 The Rhetoric of Fiction  by Wayne C. Booth (University of Chicago Press)
1961 Emily Dickinson’s Poetry: Stairway of Surprise  by Charles R. Anderson (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston)
1960 Alexander Pope: The Poetry of Allusion  by Reuben Arthur Brower (Oxford University Press)
1959 The Idea of Poetry in France  by Margaret Gilman (Harvard University Press)
1958  Homer and the Heroic Traditio by Cedric H. Whitman (Harvard University Press)
1957 The Victorian Frame of Mind: 1830-1870  by Walter E. Houghton (Yale University Press)
1956 The Achievement of Samuel Johnson  by Walter Jackson Bate (Oxford University Press)
1955 The Poetry of Meditation  by Louis L. Martz (Yale University Press)
1954The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition  by M. H. Abrams (Oxford University Press)