• 15 Saturday, Jan Locke Boarding House Museum Historical Locke Town Visit
Located about 30 miles south of Sacramento adjacent to the town of Walnut Grove, Locke is the legacy of the efforts made by the Chinese in developing agriculture in California. In 1970 the entire town was nominated to the National Register of Historic Places by the Sacramento County Historical Society. Join the Northern California Association in a visit to this historic place on Saturday January 15, 2022. We will tour the historic Delta town of Locke and enjoy a winery visit. The tour begins at 11am and ends at 12:30pm. 

We will meet at the Locke Boarding House Museum located at 13916 Main Street. The cost to attend is $20 ($15 for scholarships) for the tour alone. However, to include the wine tasting after the tour, the cost is $30. Please register online.