Join Phi Beta Kappa from December 3rd to December 8th for an action-packed week sure to make our 242nd anniversary really count.

Will you become a Key to Action?


How can we make our 242nd anniversary count for more? Join Phi Beta Kappa from December 3-8, 2018 for an action-packed week centered on curiosity, community, and careers.  Together, we can show the important role the liberal arts and sciences can play in cultivating a meaningful, productive, and engaged life.

Whether you have only a few minutes or can spare a few hours, you will find plenty of suggestions here to make an impact, have some fun, meet other members, and even learn something new.

Don’t forget to share a photo with your key and the hashtag #PBKSelfKey to social media to show your #PBKPride! Can't find your key? Download and print a paper version right here.

Tell us how you plan to celebrate learning for all of life. Share your photos, quotes, and ideas with us. Make sure to tag them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #PBKKeystoAction, #PBK242, or @PhiBetaKappa.


Liberal arts and sciences education promotes cross-disciplinary ways of understanding our world and its challenges. We will highlight cross-disciplinary ideas and activities that help you mine the gaps across the arts and science.



Phi Beta Kappa can help you navigate the search for meaningful careers. Whether you just graduated from college or are established in your field, find tools and resources to grow your connections with other PBK members in exciting fields and industries.

  • Add Phi Beta Kappa to your LinkedIn profile and join our “super alumni” group to connect with leading minds from 286 top colleges and universities across the country.
  • Follow #PBKCareerCorner on Twitter for curated and timely advice, job opportunities, and mentoring geared specifically for arts and sciences graduates.
  • Visit our new career resource center, where you can share an article, book, or podcast that has helped you find purpose at work. Feeling a little too settled in your career? Use these mid-career tips to reflect, reframe, and relearn.
  • Already an expert in your field? Mentoring can help you build connections to next-gen professionals with different skill sets.


You can become a key player in our efforts to promote broader community connections to the arts and sciences.  When you start a book drive for your local school district or participate in a citizen science project, you can grow and support the arts, humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences in your town or city.

  • Build audiences for the arts, humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences in your town or city by attending and giving support to a local cultural organization. You can find some inspiring examples from our Cities of Distinction events.
  • Experiment for a good cause with a citizen science community project, volunteer to read and discuss great books to an older adult at a local senior center or nursing home, or organize a book or school supply drive for  areas affected by recent hurricanes.
  • Make sure students can continue to access the arts and sciences. Change the conversation on higher education when you use Subscribe to our State of the Arts & Sciences newsletter for monthly opportunities to take action.
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And remember, tell us how you plan to celebrate learning for all of life. Share your photos, quotes, and ideas with us. Make sure to tag them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #PBKKeystoAction, #PBK242, or @PhiBetaKappa.

Do you have an idea for how to celebrate careers, community, and curiosity with Phi Beta Kappa? Email us at

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