Stacey Sinclair

Stacey Sinclair is a Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University. 
Professor Sinclair's lab examines how interpersonal interactions translate culturally held prejudices into individual thoughts and actions. Her research suggests people may unknowingly be immersed in social networks characterized by a corresponding degree of implicit and/or explicit bias, and her lab is in the initial stages of several projects considering the ramifications of this possibility for the health and intellectual performance of members of stigmatized groups. These projects include research on how implicit anti-black prejudice shapes social interactions among whites, how implicit and explicit prejudice may shape students’ academic performance and how the way in which institutions justify efforts to foster diversity shape the experience of ethnic minority and majority students.  Recently, she was elected to the governing board of the American Psychological Association. Professor Sinclair is also Head of Mathey College, one of the six residential colleges at Princeton University.