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  The Marching for Science

In an article in Inside Higher Ed, “organizers of The March for Science said that the event in Washington, D.C., and the satellite marches across the country this weekend were just the beginning of a movement to champion science.”  

Phi Beta Kappa Secretary/CEO Frederick M. Lawrence was quoted saying that the march was “a watershed moment in American cultural and social history... [that] takes the issue from being abstract and makes it very present, very concrete and very urgent.” 

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      Fox in the Big House

In this episode of Smarty Pants, the podcast of The American Scholar, Lee Alan Dugatkin talks about the world’s cutest science experiment, which transformed wild foxes into cuddlebugs; Ellen Lagemann makes the case for college in prisons; and host Stephanie Bastek explores an underground poetry reading promoting the March for Science.

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National Arts & Sciences Initiative


The Arts, Humanities and Sciences Need Your Voice Now

Now more than ever, we must make the case about the value of the liberal arts and sciences. Phi Beta Kappa has the tools you need to make the case for the arts and sciences with local, state, and national policymakers. Find out how you can help spread the word and take action today at

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Behind the Key

      The Members Behind The Key

Meet James Ragan, a Phi Beta Kappa member who formerly directed the University of Southern California Master of Professional Writing program and an internationally recognized poet, playwright, screenwriter, and essayist. He is the subject of the Arina Films documentary, Flowers and Roots, the 2016 Platinum Prize winner at the Houston International Film Festival.  

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