Triennial Council 

The Triennial Council is the legislative body of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, which convenes every three years to transact business for the Society as a whole. The Council has the sole authority to charter new chapters and elect new members to the Phi Beta Kappa Senate. Delegates to the Triennial Council represent the Society's Chapters and chartered Associations.

The location of the Triennial rotates throughout the country in cities where there is both a Chapter and Association presence. The next Triennial will take place in Boston, Massachusetts.  

44th Triennial Council : October 8-10, 2015 

The Phi Beta Kappa Society's 44th Triennial Council took place in Denver, Colorado, on October 8-10, at the Westin Hotel in downtown Denver. Society Executives and the Senate joined delegates from Phi Beta Kappa’s 283 chapters and more than 50 associations to discuss and decide on items from the chartering of new Phi Beta Kappa chapters to policies affecting the Society as a whole.

Resolutions from the 2015 Triennial Council: 
Phi Beta Kappa Opposes Fire Arms on Campus 

Chapter Charters Granted at the 2015 Triennial Council: 
University of Houston, Mercer University and Oregon State University 


Past Council Dates and Locations

Where available, the Council Bulletin is accessible via hyperlink. 

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