At Phi Beta Kappa, we strongly believe that the liberal arts
and sciences make communities key places to live, work, and play.

Let's make sure people know it. 

The Arts & Sciences Cities of Distinction event series will shine a spotlight on cities that recognize the value of the arts and sciences to their communities. Join us in Chicago on May 10, 2016 as we celebrate artistic vitality, cultural vibrancy of our inaugural Arts & Sciences City of Distinction. The event series will: 
Recognize four local organizations with $2,500 prizes for their successful efforts to engage broader audiences with the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, or mathematics.

The University of Chicago’s Arts and Public Life Initiative integrates the arts with communities on the South Side, building “creative connections” between on and off-campus life. 

Math Circles of Chicago provides equitable access to math education to Chicago students by engaging them in deep questions about mathematics, and promoting a love for the material.  

The Odyssey Project expands access to university-level humanities education courses in both English and Spanish for Chicagoans with no access to higher education. 

Northwestern University’s Science in Society research center seeks to create partnerships with the Chicago community through science education. 

Connect new audiences to notable arts and sciences scholars in their communities through public “lightning talks,” where several presenters will convey key ideas in fun, accessible, and quick presentations that are free and open to the public. 

Full speaker bios and topics are available here. 

Cultivate the next generation of arts and sciences students through Arts & Sciences Work presentations. These events will help students explore how the arts and sciences can work for them and provide tips to market their arts and sciences experiences to employers.
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