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  Logging Miles: An Around the World Study Experience

Many books have been written on running, the original Olympic sport, but a new memoir, Run the World, offers a unique arts and science spin courtesy of Becky Wade, a 2012 Phi Beta Kappa inductee from Rice University. An elite collegiate runner herself, the four-time All-American was looking for a way to connect her passion and strength, running, with her intellectual curiosity.  

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      The Thing About Books

“When I told friends that I was retiring after 15 years in law and journalism, followed by 33 years of teaching, I got one consistent piece of advice: 'Get rid of the books.' I laughed at first and then grew annoyed as my friends harped. I imagined a stern Ronald Reagan pointing his finger at me, demanding: 'Mr. Lieberman, tear down those bookshelves.'”

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Behind the Key

      The Members Behind The Key

Dr. Suzie Asha Park is a professor of English at Eastern Illinois University:

“I care about Phi Beta Kappa because it is an organization built on a model of stewardship and progressive thought. How often, and where else, do we have the chance to unequivocally help the collective well-being and reinforce the shared ideal that the pursuit of learning is a good in itself?”

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