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  Justice is Blind: Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein

When recently asked about his life philosophy and position on the Michigan Supreme Court, Justice Richard Bernstein stated, "life experience is what makes you who you are. The more experiences, the more you understand adversity and discrimination, the better you are in a position like this." It is clear that the 1995 University of Michigan Phi Beta Kappa member, born without sight, has not let his own life’s challenges hold him back, professionally or personally."  

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      Injurious Entanglements

“William Trevor, who died on November 20, is conventionally and conveniently thought of as an Anglo-Irish writer. But to consider him in that way is less to apply the finality of a category than to initiate an exploration of the distinctive significance of his work...the hybrid identity that the Anglo-Irish label typically brings to mind, together with its divisions and fidelities, is only one of many contexts featured in the body of work produced during the 50 years of Trevor’s prolific career.”

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Behind the Key

      The Members Behind The Key

Although Bess Stillman (ΦΒΚ, Arizona State University) works as an ER physician, her love of science hasn’t overshadowed her passion for writing and storytelling.

With a recent feature on The Moth Radio Hour and a book in the works, Stillman shows that it is possible to pursue a successful blend of the arts and the sciences.

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