JENNIFER L. HOCHSCHILD, Harvard University

Immediate past president of the American Political Science Association, Jennifer Hochschild is Henry LaBarre Jayne Professor of Government and professor of African and African American Studies at Harvard. Her research and teaching center on the intersection of American politics and political philosophy, particularly in the areas of race, ethnicity, and immigration, and on the developing politics and ideologies around the societal use of genomic science. She is the author or coauthor of Do Facts Matter? Information and Misinformation in American Politics; Creating a New Racial Order: How Immigration, Multiracialism, Genomics, and the Young Can Remake Race in America; Bringing Outsiders In: Transatlantic Perspectives on Immigrant Political Incorporation; and The American Dream and the Public Schools. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and founding editor of Perspectives on Politics (APSA).


Thur-Fri, Sept. 8-9
    U. of Missouri, Columbia 

Thur-Fri, Oct. 6-7
    Furman U., Greenville, SC

Thur-Fri, Oct. 27-28
    U. of the South, Sewanee, TN

Thur-Fri, Nov. 3-4
    Randolph-Macon C., Ashland, VA

Thur-Fri, Dec. 1-2
    Skidmore C., Saratoga Spring, NY

Thur-Fri, Feb. 2-3
    Macalester C., St. Paul, MN

Thur-Fri, March 16-17
    Roanoke C., Salem, VA

Thur-Fri, March 23-24
    Clark U., Worcester, MA


"Get Your Swabs Out of My Face:"  The Politics and Ideology of Genomic Science

"Here They Treat Us Like a Different Race:"  Political Implications of Class-in-Race Inequality

The Politics and Political Science of "Left Pessimism:"  Race, Genomic Science, and the Trajectory of American Progressivism

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