PAIGE WEST, Barnard College/Columbia University

Paige West is Claire Tow Professor of Anthropology and chair of Columbia’s Ecology and Culture University Seminar. Her broad scholarly interest is the relationship between societies and their environments. She has written about the linkages between environmental conservation and international development, the creation of commodities and practices of consumption, the dispossession of indigenous peoples, and the social effects of climate change. Since the mid-1990s she has conducted fieldwork in Papua New Guinea, where she has also founded an NGO dedicated to empowering Papua New Guinean scientists. She is the author or editor of eight books and the founding editor of the journal Environment and Society. She has been named a fellow of the Association of Social Anthropology in Oceania and is past president of the Anthropology and Environment Section of the American Anthropological Association.


September 5-6, 2017
     University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

October 12-13, 2017
     St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN

October 26-27, 2017
     Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

November 9-10, 2017
     Manhattan College, Bronx, NY

February 22-23, 2018
     Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

March 1-2, 2018
     Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

March 12-13, 2018
     University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

May 3-4, 2018
     Carleton College, Northfield, MN


Dispossession, Racism, and the Environment 

Migration and Displacement in the Contemporary Pacific 

Narrating the Assemblage of the Now 
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