Key of Excellence Spotlight: Washington Consortium for the Liberal Arts


In December 2014, the Washington Consortium for Liberal Arts (WaCLA) received the Key of Excellence Award for bringing together what many might see as unlikely allies to create positive change in the public dialogue about the liberal arts in communities throughout the state of Washington.

WaCLA’s membership is comprised of more than 40 two-and four-year institutions; liberal arts and technical colleges; and organizations like Washington STEM and Humanities Washington. Through its programming, WaCLA also engages high school students, college undergraduates, technical groups, and business leaders in its efforts. What unites all of them is a shared desire to demonstrate the importance and vibrancy of the liberal arts.

Successful recent WACLA projects include:
  •  An employer-educator forum that brought together over 200 academic leaders, regional employers, and state legislators for purposeful discussion about the kinds of college learning experiences that prepare students for work, leadership, life, and citizenship

  • Annual high school and undergraduate scholarship essay contests on the value of the liberal arts
  • Media outreach resulting in opinions published in major outlets across the state of Washington

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About Phi Beta Kappa’s Key of Excellence Award:

Recipients of Phi Beta Kappa’s Key of Excellence Award must demonstrate a strong record of success at engaging the public across multiple disciplines in the arts and sciences. Their work must make highly visible the excellence, range, and relevance of the arts and sciences to their communities through public programming and community outreach. In addition, programs must engage diverse constituencies in program planning and execution while improving the availability of and access to the arts and sciences in their community. Nominate a program here.




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