From the Visiting Scholars



Marjorie Garber, Harvard University - The visits are challenging as well as exhilarating.  My gratitude to Phi Beta Kappa for giving me this extraordinary opportunity.  I think the PBK Visiting Scholar Program is a brilliant idea, for getting two-way conversations started across institutions and individuals.

Tyler Burge, UCLA - I regarded the whole schedule of visits as a fine, worthwhile experience.  There is truly a great variety of types of educational institutions.  The level of seriousness and educational involvement at all of them was impressive.  I learned a lot about the sociology of American higher education.

Ellen Harris, MIT -  I enjoyed my year of PBK visits very much and am grateful and very honored to have been given this opportunity. It has been terrific to see the interest, intelligence, and enthusiasm of undergraduates across the country.

John Straub, Boston University  -  The adventure of serving as a Visiting Scholar has been one of the greatest of my academic career.  It has been a wonderful experience and education for me.

David Shambaugh, George Washington University -  I want you to know how much I have enjoyed each and every campus visited and all of the new colleagues I met.  It's a great program and I just wish it could go on! 
Pamela Karlan, Stanford University  -  Thanks so much for selecting me to be a Phi Beta Kappa lecturer this year.  I had a wonderful time at each of the schools and hope I imparted as much knowledge as I took away from my encounters with such wondeful students and teachers.

Ka Yee C. Lee, University of Chicago  -  It has been an amazing year as a PBK Scholar, and I am very grateful for the chance to visit all the places and to meet students and faculty members on very different campuses.  Thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity.

Jack Goldstone, George Mason University  -  I am grateful to PBK for inviting me to be a Visiting Scholar, as I have met people and learned about institutions that I now greatly value.  In particular, I have a new appreciation of the special role that small private liberal arts colleges play in American higher education.


From the chapters…….


 Augustana College – We greatly appreciate the support from the national organization for all of the Visiting Scholars we have received over the years.  The scholars I have personally met have been energetic, gracious, and very passionate about their fields - excellent representatives of Phi Beta Kappa.
Randolph-Macon College – He was immensely enriching to all of us who were able to attend his lecture (or who were lucky enough to have him visit our classes), and he was as engaging and inspirational personally as he was professionally.  His public lecture was highly dynamic, informative, and entertaining, and he brought such a knowledge and charismatic presence to our classes.

University of New Mexico – Her visit was a great success and galvanized our chapter and our campus.  She is a dynamic speaker who works in a frontier area of interdisciplinary research, and is an ideal role model for undergraduate students who want to become scientists but also want a broad liberal education.
Auburn University – Along with expressing our sincere gratitude for his visit, I want to congratulate your selection committee for a superb job - certainly he was an excellent choice.  To say that he was especially good with individual students or students in small groups is not to detract from his fine public lecture presentation, but he was truly masterful in small-group conversation, in dialogue that he had to get and keep going.  It was a most beneficial experience.
Wheaton College – Her visit was a huge success and she has inspired a lot of students and faculty.  There isn't another program quite like this, and so it really maximizes the opportunity for student engagement and enhancing the intellectual life of the campus.
Luther College – Her energy and easy rapport enabled her to engage students and faculty not only in the natural sciences but also in the humanities and social sciences, as well as those in the community with an interest in environmental issues.  It's hard to express our gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to connect with such eminent scholars from across the country.
Franklin & Marshall College – She managed to pack in four remarkably enlightening forums in just one day.  Students and faculty of the college were intrigued and deeply engaged by her range of interests and grasp of historical themes in contemporary American life.  We had the rare pleasure to host a singular scholar who both illuminated a world of historical and conceptual richness while at the same time drawing in members of various campus constituencies with skill, humor, and masterful scholarship.
Washington & Jefferson College – He is a great scholar and a wonderful guest.  He met with students and faculty, participated in several class discussions in both the history and modern languages departments, and presented a public lecture.  His fascinating scholarship and his interest in and dedication to teaching combined to make this an invigorating opportunity for everyone.
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