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  From the Secretary: ΦBK's Super Alumni Network

Secretary/CEO Frederick Lawrence writes in the Key Reporter:

"As I reflect on the unique character of Phi Beta Kappa, it occurs to me that we are very much like a liberal arts college without bricks and mortar, with 286 “branch campuses,” nearly 50 alumni associations, and more than 500,000 alumni... Since coming to Phi Beta Kappa last year, one of my prime goals has been building stronger alumni connections among members."

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      So You Think You Can Dance

"April Masten, a scholar of dance history at Stony Brook University, is writing a book on 'challenge dancing' in American cities in the mid-19th century. Some people are familiar with the dancing matches between Master Diamond and Master Juba in New York’s Five Points neighborhood, a famous rivalry that led to the invention of tap dancing. But dancing matches also took place, Masten says, in other cities where people of African, Irish, and English descent lived in proximity."

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The Arts, Humanities and Sciences Need Your Voice Now

Now more than ever, we must make the case about the value of the liberal arts and sciences. Phi Beta Kappa has the tools you need to make the case for the arts and sciences with local, state, and national policymakers. Find out how you can help spread the word and take action today at

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Behind the Key

      The Members Behind The Key

Catherine White Berheide (ΦBK, Beloit College) is the current President of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. A distinguished professor of sociology at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, and a member of the ΦBK Senate since 2000, she has worked to advance the ideals of the Society on her campus and has guided some of ΦBK's most vital national committees.  

"The arts and sciences have been critical for my success and for that of my students." 

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