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Since our founding in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa has celebrated excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and championed freedom of thought. As America’s most prestigious academic honor society, we are uniquely equipped to advocate for the value and benefits of liberal arts and sciences education.

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  • Work with Phi Beta Kappa

    The national office of The Phi Beta Kappa Society has several paid internship positions opening up, including a Digital Media & Communications Intern, and a National Arts & Sciences Initiative Intern.

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  • Visiting Scholar Program

    We're pleased to announce the appointment of 15 Visiting Scholars for the 2019-2020 year. The scholars will make over 100 visits during the academic year, with the majority of them participating in our podcast Key Conversations with Phi Beta Kappa.

    In our latest episode of Key Conversations, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Ed Larson takes a critical look at the Presidency.

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  • The Arts, Humanities and Sciences Need Your Voice Now

    Now more than ever, we must make the case about the value of the liberal arts and sciences. Phi Beta Kappa has the tools you need to make the case for the arts and sciences with local, state, and national policymakers. Find out how you can help spread the word and take action today at Sign up for our monthly newsletter below.

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Behind The Key

Sarah Handley-Cousins (ΦBK, Wells College) is a clinical assistant professor of history and associate director of the Center for Disability Studies at the University at Buffalo. Her historical research focuses on gender, medicine, disability, and the military in the Civil War era. She is an editor and writer for the blog Nursing Clio, and managing editor and co-producer of DIG: A History Podcast.