Our Annual Key Connections Events for Recent Phi Beta Kappa Inductees Take Place Every Fall, and Our Alumni Associations Offer Events All Year Round. 

Phi Beta Kappa invites you to join fellow members for an exciting virtual event on Wednesday, September 13. This panel discussion, kicking-off our annual Key Connections program, will focus on pursuing careers in non-profit and advocacy work. 

The Key Connections event series offers the opportunity for members to connect with one another in their local communities, harkening back to the friendship and fellowship that is a cornerstone of the Society’s founding. Attending a Key Connections event is a great way for new members to network with other Phi Betes, for members who’ve recently moved to make friends in their new home, and for all member to connect with others who have a love of learning. 

This panel will feature ΦΒΚ members who are engaged in mission-focused work addressing diverse issues via community programs, government affairs, messaging campaigns, and more. During this conversation, panelists will share their experiences and expertise, discuss how their liberal arts and sciences education supports their careers, and explain why advocacy and non-profit jobs are vital to communities. Register here.

The panel will be moderated by Rebecca Koenig, Editor and Senior Reporter at EdSurge, and will also feature: 

  • Jon Goldstein, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs at Environmental Defense Fund 
  • Alanah Odoms, Executive Director at ACLU Louisiana 
  • Aimee Olivo, Executive Director at Art Works Now 
  • Shayna Strom, President and CEO, Washington Center for Equitable Growth 

Throughout September and October, more than 20 local Phi Beta Kappa associations will also be hosting events, from panel discussions to museum tours to networking events. 

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Alumni Associations

When you accept your Phi Beta Kappa invitation, you are connected to a diverse network of high achievers who are active in science and health care, business and technology, the arts and humanities, and law and philanthropy.

There are over 40 alumni associations across the country where members regularly gather to share ideas, build networks, explore their local communities, and gather with a group of friends. Some associations also run young professional programs that offer networking and professional development specific to early career members. With over 500,000 members, Phi Beta Kappa acts as an alumni “super network” that can connect you with peers and mentors in nearly any field all over the world.

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FAQ: ΦBK and Your Career

How do I list PBK on my resume?
We recommend listing Phi Beta Kappa as an achievement with your undergraduate degree. For example:

            College of William and Mary
            Bachelor of Science, Biology Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

You can also list your membership in an “Honors” or “Membership” section if you maintain one.

What’s the best way to convey the value of my liberal arts and sciences degree?
That’s a good question! A liberal arts and sciences education teaches a person to think critically, a skill that is applicable in any field or position. For more on the facts of the matter, visit our online toolkit.

Can you connect me with another PBK member in my field?
The LinkedIn group is the best platform to find other members in your field. Be sure to join the PBK members-only LinkedIn group so you can directly message other members.

I have a job opening and want to share it with other PBK members. How do I do that?
You can post jobs directly to the LinkedIn group. We will share select opportunities on our Twitter feed using #PBKCareerCorner.

Have other questions? Let us know!

More Career Advice

Association Key Connections Events

The national program serves as the kick-off for many local Key Connections events hosted by associations across the country beginning in mid-September and continuing through October. Find an association event near you! Local Events

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