Member Benefits


When you are inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, you become a member for life. This honor, earned through a well-rounded education, exemplifies your academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and leadership capacity.

As a member, you are connected to a diverse community of high achievers active in the arts and humanities, science and health care, business and technology, public service, law, philanthropy, and many other fields. Regardless of discipline, all Phi Beta Kappa members represent outstanding academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences and a commitment to learning for all of life.

Phi Beta Kappa provides members with access to experiences and networks that open doors to lifelong opportunity. Member benefits include:



  • After receiving an invitation, you will be recognized in a special ceremony attended by your professors and peers.
  • As a member, you have the opportunity to wear the ΦBK regalia at your graduation and the ΦBK key for life.
  • Listing Phi Beta Kappa membership on your resume signals your high level of achievement and capacity for critical thinking to future employers.

Lifelong Learning

  • Phi Beta Kappa promotes lifelong learning through various awards and fellowships offered nationally and scholarships offered by our local associations that help individuals continue their pursuit of knowledge.
  • Members can read and subscribe to ΦBK’s publications and podcasts to stay informed on public affairs, literature, science, history, and culture as well as news about members and national office programs.
  • Phi Beta Kappa reading lists include something for everyone. Our Summer Reading List highlights member favorites across disciplines and the First-Year Reading List highlights common readings across our chapter campuses.


Professional Development

  • Our Key Connections program offers an opportunity to enhance your professional growth as well as network with peers and potential mentors through events hosted by our national office and our associations across the country. 
  • Phi Beta Kappa provides interested members a chance to volunteer and build upon professional experience. Many of our local associations also offer Young Professionals groups and mentoring opportunities.
  • Check out our Key Into Your Career page for liberal arts and sciences myth-busting facts and resources as well as job boards for arts and sciences graduates.

Tools to Support the Arts and Sciences

  • Phi Beta Kappa’s National Arts and Sciences Initiative makes it easy to advocate for the arts and sciences and the education you invested considerable time and resources to achieve.
  • Subscribe to our State of the Arts & Sciences monthly e-alert for monthly opportunities to make a difference, and use our toolkit to contact your elected officials at key policy moments to help the arts and sciences thrive.
  • ΦBK’s Key into Public Service program highlights the wide range of opportunities for liberal arts and sciences students to pursue rewarding careers in public service. Find tips from leading service organizations on our resource page.

Spread The Word

  • Like Phi Beta Kappa on Facebook.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Join our members-only LinkedIn group to connect with over 50,000 members and expand your network.
  • Follow us on Instagram.
  • Update your contact information with the national office to receive the monthly newsletter and information on events in your area.

GS Level Upgrade

According to the Office of Personnel Management, members of ΦΒΚ may be eligible for a GS Level Upgrade under the Superior Academic Achievement (S.A.A.) qualification. This benefit is not managed by ΦΒΚ. All final decisions regarding GS level and step increases are determined by your employer or prospective employer. Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the appropriate agency Human Resources department.

As a graduate…I find that my Phi Beta Kappa membership helps me stay connected with other alumni who work in the fields I am interested in—it really is quite an extraordinary network of individuals.

— Jamie Gentry

Student Affairs Coordinator, University of Chicago, Phi Beta Kappa Kansas State University

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