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Founded in 1776, The Phi Beta Kappa Society is the nation’s most prestigious academic honor society and is a leading voice championing liberal arts and sciences education, fostering freedom of thought, and recognizing academic excellence. The Society and its leadership have a well-established media presence earning coverage in newspapers across the country, on major television news broadcasts, and across digital news outlets.

The Society is a reliable and expert source for information, commentary, and analysis on:

  • higher education policies and trends
  • liberal arts and sciences education in a variety of contexts
  • academic freedom and freedom of expression
  • leadership development and civic engagement

Staff Contact

To schedule an interview with a Phi Beta Kappa Society representative or to request information about the Society or any of its programs, please contact:

Mary Schommer

Frederick M. Lawrence, Secretary/CEO


Frederick M. Lawrence is the 10th Secretary and CEO of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Lawrence is Phi Beta Kappa’s primary spokesperson and has considerable experience giving interviews, on-camera, in person, or by phone. An accomplished scholar, teacher and attorney, he is one of the nation’s leading experts on civil rights, free expression, and bias crimes. Learn More.