Phi Beta Kappa chapters are the heart of our Society, inducting over 10,000 new members each year.

Every year, Phi Beta Kappa's 293 chapters at U.S. undergraduate institutions induct exemplary juniors and seniors who excelled in a rigorous arts and sciences education. 

Prior to sheltering a chapter, colleges and universities undergo an extensive evaluation process. Phi Beta Kappa grants charters triennially, adding our most recent chapters in 2021. 

Phi Beta Kappa faculty and staff members lead chapters and oversee student selection and induction, conferring lifelong membership in the Society.

Phi Beta Kappa chapters also sponsor campus programs and activities to promote education in the liberal arts and sciences, including:

  • Nationally-selected Visiting Scholars
  • Public lectures
  • Teaching awards
  • Fellowships and scholarships
  • Writing prizes
  • Book awards

Prior to selection, schools that are chosen to shelter Phi Beta Kappa chapters undergo an extensive evaluation process. New chapter charters are granted triennially, most recently in 2021. Chapters are granted directly to the Phi Beta Kappa members among the faculty and administration of the sheltering institution. Learn more about starting a chapter.

ΦBK Fast Facts

293 Chapters at US Colleges and Universities

Top liberal arts and sciences graduates (about 10 %) are invited to join

Over 10,000 juniors and seniors inducted every year

2017 Inductees at the University of Houston