Oluwanifemi Shola-Dare

Nife Shola-Dare studies neuroscience as a fourth-year student at Washington State University (WSU), where she is active with student government and a member of the Honors College. Her passion for mental health advocacy led her to be selected as one of Mental Health America's 2018 Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council members and earned her a feature in a “Psychiatry News” article about peer-run mental health initiatives. Nife serves as the Senator for the College of Veterinary Medicine at WSU, where she has authored and sponsored several resolutions calling for the implementation of programs related to student mental well-being and college affordability. She works as a learning facilitator in science courses for specific groups such as first-generation students and student-athletes and volunteers as a home care aide in adult family homes. She is also a radio DJ at her college’s radio station, KZUU 90.7Fm. She has conducted research investigating sleep disturbances in fruit fly models of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's in efforts to discover novel therapeutic agents for such diseases. Currently, she serves as an undergraduate research assistant in the Wayman lab at WSU, where she is studying the effects of endogenous leptin on activity-dependent synaptic and dendritic growth in the hippocampus. She aspires to devote her career to building healthier communities, in both the United States and in Nigeria, her home country, through medicine, scientific research, and policy making. After graduation, she intends to earn a master's in social intervention and policy evaluation and then undergo physician scientist training to ultimately pursue a fulfilling career as a physician-scientist and a public servant.