Saman Haddad

Saman (Sam) Haddad studies Public Affairs as a second year student through the Luskin School of Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is active within organizations such as the Bruin Ambassadors Program, the Public Affairs Events Committee, CRU Christian Fellowship, and Bruin Democrats. His passion for community oriented issues has led him to pursue policy related work on campus and the broader Los Angeles community. Currently Sam is the Coordinator of the 40-person Bruin Ambassadors Program which seeks to bridge educational opportunity gaps by connecting underrepresented students in the Los Angeles community with information about higher education. Sam also co-founded the Luskin Undergraduate Students Association and sits on its major's events committee. Sam has done educational research for the Los Angeles Education Research Institute and is currently focused on fighting for Rape Test Kits within campus' on site health facilities.

In the future, Sam hopes to hold public office so as to bridge the gap between how policy operates in marginalized communities with how it could operate. He intends to pursue a Masters degree in Public Policy after his time at UCLA.