Khaylah Scott

Khaylah Scott is a rising senior Sociology major at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS. Khaylah's liberal arts and sciences education sparked her interest in the social sciences, local government, and housing. Her sophomore year of school, Khaylah and her peers worked with a local nonprofit, The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects, to establish a student organization and safe space for the Black women of Millsaps. Last summer, Khaylah worked as a research assistant with The Lighthouse, studying the effects of trauma on Black girls and women. As a student in the Millsaps College Honors Program, Khaylah will conduct original research in New Orleans, LA this summer, studying the relationship between natural disasters and gentrification. In her free time, Khaylah enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and playing pool. After graduation, Khaylah aspires to attend graduate school and begin work in public service and research.