Malina Brannen

Malina Brannen studies Government with a concentration in International Relations at Georgetown University, where she is also an active member of the Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society. Malina is driven to understand how governments' responsibility to improve standards of living transcends borders and to identify ways in which international efforts can address abuses of human rights, combat the climate crisis, and strengthen global equality. Her area of interest includes examining immigration as a push-factor issue, particularly within Latin America. Malina aspires to devote her career to protecting basic human rights and promoting government stability, both in the United States and abroad. Outside of school, Malina serves as the Co-Director of Digital Media for Leading Women of Tomorrow. During the spring 2021 term she worked as a Legislative Intern in the D.C. office of Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez (NM-03), and she will spend the summer as an intern at the Department of the Interior's Office of Policy Analysis. After graduation, Malina intends to pursue a joint Master's in Public Policy and Juris Doctorate degree in preparation for her career in public service.