Bryce Wallace

Bryce is a fourth-year transfer student at the University of California, Berkeley studying English and Linguistics. Bryce is the treasurer of the English Undergraduate Association, a College Corps volunteer at Mcclymonds High School, a volunteer for a children's literacy program in Oakland called Akira's Book Club, and works at the UC Berkeley Library. He is a Sharer Scholar, Haas Scholar, and most recently, a recipient of the Beinecke Scholarship. In his time at Berkeley, he has done research in the linguistics department concerning the rhetorical use of metaphors in Covid-19-related discourse, independent research on literature and philosophy of language at the University of Cambridge as a Gilman Scholar, and has presented research from both majors at multiple conferences. Bryce's academic interests include literary criticism, rhetoric, meaning-making, and philosophy; he is exploring these interests in his honors theses for the English and linguistics departments as well as in his senior research project for the Haas Scholars program. After graduating, Bryce intends to pursue a PhD in English with goals of becoming a professor while also working with nonprofits to improve the public education system and increase equity in education at large. He calls Southern California home.