Laibah Mir

Laibah is a rising junior at the University at Buffalo, where she studies political science and philosophy. On campus, Laibah is a member of the Honors College ThinkTank. Amidst increasing bans on Critical Race Theory in K-12 education across the U.S, she is currently writing a policy proposal encouraging the continuation and expansion of racial education in New York State. Additionally, Laibah serves as the Vice President of her university's Muslim Students' Association (MSA), where she leads the club's Muslim Women's Council in combination with co-coordinating MSA-wide events. Through serving her Muslim community, Laibah works to both cultivate and maintain a safe space for students to freely practice and learn more about Islam, while also connecting with one another through shared experiences and appreciation. Off campus, Laibah is an organizer for the Sunrise Movement, serving as the Welcome Call lead for the movement's national Welcome Team. Additionally, Laibah is a former intern for the International Institute of Buffalo, a refugee resettlement center, as well as the Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo, Buffalo's main non-profit law firm. After graduation, Laibah intends to pursue Islamic studies, followed by law school. Eventually, she would like to become an attorney and run for local office. Driven by Islamic purposes, Laibah plans to pursue a fulfilling career as a public lawyer while also being an active member of her local Muslim community. Through public service, Laibah aims to bridge the greater Buffalo community, so it flourishes in cross-cultural understanding, peaceful activism in the face of Islamophobia and related injustices, and ultimately care for one another. Laibah was born and raised in Buffalo, NY.