Jacquelyn Dal Bon

Jacquelyn Dal Bon is a rising junior at Drew University pursuing honors degrees in Biology and Chemistry Pre-Med. Her academic pursuits concern utilizing sociology and civic engagement courses to contextualize her studies in reproductive biology. Motivated by these passions, she founded a campus project, Drew Access to Sexual Health (DASH), aimed at identifying and bridging gaps in student access to healthcare. Through DASH, Jacquelyn conducts needs assessments, organizes community outreach events, and facilitates connections between students and local healthcare providers. Her recent on-campus initiatives address knowledge gaps regarding STD testing and pregnancy, which she identified through student surveys. This past summer, Jacquelyn worked in a neuroendocrine research lab studying sex differences in rodent models of neurodegenerative diseases. She is currently researching barriers to patient education and treatment satisfaction in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome care. On campus, Jacquelyn holds positions as a peer mentor and tutor in the Center for Academic Excellence and works in the Instructional Technology department. Following graduation, Jacquelyn aims to pursue a medical degree, which she will utilize to continue her work promoting health education.