Luke McDermott

Luke McDermott is a first-generation college student and a rising junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is triple majoring in Political Science, Economics, and History while concurrently earning a Certificate in Public Policy Analysis. As the Government Liaison Committee Director of the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he advocates on behalf of the student body at the state and national levels on issues relating to higher education funding, LGBTQ+ inclusion, faculty tenure, and pending DEI bans. His interest in state politics, especially policies concerning LGBTQ+ individuals, stems from his experience as a Legislative Page at the Nebraska Unicameral. He also serves as Chairman of the Husker Vote Coalition, the premiere civic engagement organization at the University of Nebraska. Working at the Digital Legal Research Lab, Luke encodes historical habeas corpus cases of marginalized peoples. His research, spanning multiple disciplines, focuses on the intersection of constitutionalism, labor, and the law. This summer, Luke will attend the Henry Clay College Student Congress as the Delegate for Nebraska and participate in the Victory Institute Congressional Internship. Luke intends to pursue a JD/MPA after graduation, focusing on labor and employment law as well as legal history.