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Phi Beta Kappa is an organization worth joining and supporting. We provide members with access to experiences and networks that open doors to lifelong opportunity.

When you are inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, you become a member for life. You are connected to a diverse network of high achievers active in science and health care, business and technology, the arts and humanities, and law, government, and philanthropy.

This honor, earned through a rigorous well-rounded education, sets you apart and exemplifies your capacity for critical thinking, rigorous analysis, and strong writing — skills in demand by employers.

Membership is more than a line on your resume. Here are some ways you can make the most of it: 
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Connect to a community of fellow members thorough your local ΦBK Alumni Association. Engage in the life of the mind with the activities organized by associations, including networking events, cultural tours, engaging lectures, happy hours, book clubs, and more in cities across the country.

Not a ΦBK Association in your area? Join our members-only LinkedIn network to connect with over 35,000 Phi Beta Kappa members.

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Phi Beta Kappa membership signals your high level of achievement to employers and belongs on your resume to help you stand out. Our Key Connections program in the fall brings a personal invitation for new members to join peers and potential mentors at events in cities across the country.

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Stay informed on alumni news and Society programs with your complimentary subscription to The Key Reporter. Be sure to update your address to receive the print copy.

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Subscribe to The American Scholar to stay informed on public affairs, literature, science, history and culture. Listen to the Scholar's podcast, Smarty Pants, for interviews with the liveliest voices on cutting-edge issues. 

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You are part of a national network of people who are committed to the values of the liberal arts and sciences and who stand up for those values in local and national policy dialogues. Learn how you can take action with our toolkit.

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As a graduate…I find that my Phi Beta Kappa membership helps me stay connected with other alumni who work in the fields I am interested in—it really is quite an extraordinary network of individuals.

— Jamie Gentry

Student Affairs Coordinator, University of Chicago, Phi Beta Kappa Kansas State University

GS Level Upgrade

GS Level Upgrade

According to the Office of Personnel Management, members of ΦΒΚ may be eligible for a GS Level Upgrade under the Superior Academic Achievement (S.A.A.) qualification. This benefit is not managed by ΦΒΚ. All final decisions regarding GS level and step increases are determined by your employer or prospective employer. Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the appropriate agency Human Resources department.

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Members include 17 U.S.
, 42 Supreme Court
and more than 150
Nobel Laureates.

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