Phi Beta Kappa is the key that
opens doors to lifelong opportunity.

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Since 1776, Phi Beta Kappa has championed education in the arts and sciences, fostered freedom of thought, and recognized academic excellence. 

As America’s most prestigious
academic honor society, we:


Honor the best and brightest liberal arts and sciences undergraduates from 293 top schools across the nation through a highly selective, merit-based invitation process.

Advocate for the importance of liberal arts and sciences education through our National Arts & Sciences Initiative, and equip members with information and tools to thoughtfully engage in American society as leaders, volunteers, and citizens.

Connect members to a diverse network of high achievers, and provide opportunities to participate in engaging events offered by the national office, our local chapters, and alumni associations.

Engage members through quarterly publications, monthly newsletters, and podcasts, providing perspectives on public affairs, literature, science, history, culture, and career development.

Recognize the exceptional achievement of writers and scholars in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics to show how curiosity and creativity cultivated by a liberal arts and sciences education are essential to making the most of life's experiences and should be available to everyone.

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