Past Walter J. Jensen Fellowship Winners

2022 Alexis Stanley, ”Gestures of Enlightenment: Theatricality and Embodiment in 18th-Century France” 
Annie Laurens de Saussure, "Race, Radio, and the Republic: Decolonizing French Airwaves 1970-1990"
Doyle Calhoun, "Suicide and Resistance in French and Francophone Literature"
Jason Hong, "A Different Worldview: Francophone Literature, Monde, and the Resistance to the Universal"
Emelyn Lih, "Writing Oneself into the World: Narratives of Self Confront the Twentieth Century”
2017 Irina Markina, “Appropriating Revolution: The Paris Commune and the Mural Art Campaign of the Third Republic” 
2016 Elizabeth Collins, "Culinary Expressions in Contemporary Francophone Vietnamese Women’s Literature"
2015 Catherine Viano, "Theater as Machine"
2014 Charles Samuelson, "Rereading the Philosophical and Political Stakes of Medieval Narrative Poetics: Queering Verse Romance and the Dits"
2013 Jennifer Carr, "The Oulipo, and Translation as Constrained Writing"
2012 Laure Astourian, "The French as Foreigners: The World of the Nouvelle Vague"
2011 Marjorie Johnson, "Bilingual Americans in France: The Transformation of Gendered Speech"
2010 Pamela Diaz,  "Unruly Language in the Roman de Renart"
2009 Matthew Wendeln, "Inventing Regional Development: the Politics of Territorial Redistribution in France, 1920s-1960s"
2008 Rachel Corkle, "Literatures in Dialogue"
2007 Thomas Tilden Daniels, "Acts of Resistance: Visual Arts and Textual Practices in the Works of Henri Michaux, Francis Ponge, and Michel Butor"
2006 Laura Spear, "Vanish Vectors: Trains and Speed in 19th and 20th Century French Crime Fiction and Film"
2005 Barbara Abad, "The Representations of the Father in the Works of Rétif de la Bretonne"