Past Mary Isabel Sibley Fellows


French Studies Fellows: 

2022  Abigail Fields, “The Literary Field: Agriculture and the Rural Imaginary in the Nineteenth-Century Novel”
2020  Madison Mainwaring, “Reclaiming the Silences of Dance: Woman and Ballet in Nineteenth-Century Paris”
2018  Kaliane Ung, “Wounded Writings: Joë Bousquet, Hervé Guibert, Violette Leduc, Simone Weil”
2016 Laure Astourian, "Outside the Metropolitan Frame: The Nouvelle Vague and the Foreign, 1954-1968"
2014 Elizabeth Leet, "Women, Horses, and the Coming-Together of Species in High Medieval Literature"
2012 Jillian Rogers, "Grieving through Music in Interwar France: Maurice Ravel and his Circle, 1914-1934"
2010  Eve Morisi, "Literature at the Limits: The Poetics and Ethics of Capital Punishment in the Works of Hugo, Baudelaire, and Camus"
2008 Carolyn Yerkes, "The Paradox of Precision: Architectural Drawing between Ancients and Moderns"
2006 Alicia Levin, "Seducing Paris: Piano Virtuosos and Artistic Identity, 1820-1848"
2004 Camille Robcis, "Rethinking the Family: Psychoanalysis, Anthropology, and the Problem of Kinship in Post-WWII France"
2002 Sarah Hurlburt, "Montaigne in the 19th Century: Reception, Publication and Education"
2000 Jenny Lefcourt, "Keeping Watch on Leisure: French Cinema as 'Parisian Populism,' 1920-1939"
1998 Alison Murray, a study of the representation of Africa in French documentary films from the interwar period
1996 Judith Surkis, "Virile Politics: Masculinity and Ideology in Interwar France"
1994 Yael R. Schlick, "Rewriting the Exotic: Mille, Segalen, and the Emergence of Literature Coloniale"
1992 Barbara E. I. Knauff, a study of multilingualism in French late 17th- and 18th- century imaginary voyages
1990 Astrid I. Hustvedt, a study of the construction of femininity in late nineteenth- century France
1988 Anne Catherine Vila, a study of the influence of medicine and natural philosophy on the fiction of the French Enlightenment
1986 Jody M. Enders, a study of the relevance of rhetorical theories of composition to medieval drama
1984 Maura Aiken Daly, a study of Gnosticism in modern French literature, particularly in the works of Simone Weil
1982 Sara Reva Horowitz, the relationship between muteness and its variations in post-Holocaust fiction in post-war France
1980 Amy Lucille Varin, a study of the various works on St. Guenole in French, Breton, and Latin, in both literary and folk traditions
1978 Barbara Jane Meyer, a study of the interrelationship between French Surrealism and modern scientific concepts
1976 Barbara J. Ford, a study of the language and themes of the Maximes of La Rochefoucaud
1974 Brigitte Cazelles, a study of medieval French literature
1972 Margaret Charlotte Ward
1970 Elana Joyce Klausner
1968 Cathleen McCollom
1966 Mary Ann Ignatius
1964 Carol Carter
1962 Olga Bernal
1960 Rose Abendstern
1958 Janet Taylor Letts
1955 Josephine L. Ott
1951 Marion Henderson
1947 Amelia Clara Murdoch
1943 Blanche Price
1939 Alice B. Critchett

Greek Studies Fellows: 

Camille Reiko Acosta, "Death and Migration in Classical Athens" 
Jessica Lamont, "Health and Healing in Classical Athens" 
Katherine Harrington, “Women’s Labor and the Market in Classical and Hellenistic Greece” 
2015 Anna Sitz, "What's in a Name? Conceptualizing Temples in Late Antique Greece and Asia Minor Through Inscriptions"
2013 Lela Urquhart, "Colonization, Religion and State Formation in the Archaic West Mediterranean"
2011 Tiziana D'Angelo, "Painting Death with the Colors of Life: Funerary Wall Paintings in Magna Graecia (IV-II BCE)"
2009 Michelle Jenkins, "Seekers of Wisdom, Lovers of Truth: A study of Plato's Philosopher"
2007 Pauline LeVen, "The Many-Headed Muse: Greek Lyric Culture in the Fourth Century BC"
2005 Denise Demetriou, "Negotiating Identity: Greek Multiethnic Emporia in the Archaic and Classical Mediterranean"
2003 Brooke Holmes, "Mimesis of the Symptom: Readings of the Medical Body in Classical and Post-Classical Greek Literature"
2001 Melissa Mueller, "Speaking through Objects: Reciprocity and Gender in Euripides"
1999 Katarzyna B. Hagemajer, "Philobarbarismos: Greek Cultural Exchange with the East in the 4th Century B.C."
1997 Penelope Cecilia Papailias, "Amateur Scholars and the Writing of History in Greece"
1995 Nancy Darlene du Bois, "The Kinship of Vico and Plato: Paideia, Poetry and Providence"
1993 Melissa S. Lane, a study of Plato's The Statesman
1991 Martha Caroline Taylor, a study of the geographical dimensions of the Polis
1989 Stephanie Anne Nelson, a study of the idea of farming in Hesiod's Works and Days
1987 Liba Chaia Taub, a study of Ptolemy's cosmological ideas in relation to Greek scientific and philosophical traditions
1985 Lavinia Edgarda Lorch, a study of the odes in Euripides' Helen, Iphigenia in Tauris, and Alestis
1983 Ellen Rice, a study of the social history of the island of Rhodes and the Rhodian Peraea in present southwest Turkey
1981 Barbara R. Pavlock, a study of the Hellenistic Greek epic, the Argonautica of Apolloniusof Rhodes
1979 Kathy Eden, a study of the relationship between legal procedure and classical tragedy
1977 Barbara Burrell, a study of the Greek cities of Roman Asia which had received the neokoria title
1975 Sylvia Grace Brown, an interpretive study of three Euripidean plays
1973 Elizabeth Asmis
1971 Tilevalu Frymer
1969 Marcia Esther Weinstein
1967 Bettie Lucille Forte
1965 Nancy Dorothy Dersofi
1963 Joan Bywood
1961 Elizabeth N. Fuff
1959 Rita Mae Fleischer
1953 Eva T. H. Brann
1949 Chrysonla P. Cardaras
1947 Helen North
1945 Elizabeth Wyckoff