Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones (ΦBK, Rutgers University - Camden) is on the board of the Delaware Valley Phi Beta Kappa Association. Currently a client executive at Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC with experience in sales, marketing, product development, and service excellence, he also recently started his own company back in May called Boss Battle LLC.



As a child, what profession did you envision for yourself when you grew up?

Like many kids I wanted to be an astronaut, police officer, firefighter, and soldier all at the same time. I learned that this was not practical and instead aspired to owning a business.

What was the most transformative course from your undergraduate education?

I took a Russian Literature course in my sophomore year. Prior to that course, my views of Russia were solely informed by American political history.  Reading Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pushkin and others allowed me to put additional context around the actions of one of our geopolitical adversaries. 

I learned the importance of attacking ideas, not people.  Russia is a global competitor that also has a rich history and culture. 

You’re currently a Client Executive at Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC. What does your job entail, and what is your favorite part about what you do?

Esquire Deposition Solutions is a court reporting company. I serve a consultative role to attorneys who practice complex commercial litigation by providing tailor-made court reporting and technology solutions. I talk with an diverse mix of people ranging from legal assistants to AMLAW 100 law firm partners. Every day is a new adventure!

Can you tell us about the company you recently started?

My wife and I started Boss Battle LLC in May 2020. The Boss Battle brand was created to inspire others (and ourselves) to press on despite the circumstances they are faced with. We are an online streetwear boutique that is dedicated to donating at least 10% of our proceeds to our partner charities who are working to address social injustices.

What was the best advice you were ever given and who gave it to you?

My parents always told me to do my best. I throw myself into every project with zeal. Regardless of the outcome I always ask myself the same question: “Did I do my best?” 

I am grateful to say that the answer is always yes. 

Youre also on the board of the Delaware Valley Phi Beta Kappa Association. What plans do you have as a part of that leadership team, or what projects are you working on that excite you? 

I am incredibly excited about our association’s recent graduates. We worked really hard to create events that these members would find engaging. I am very proud to say that our efforts were successful. We now have an active book club, movie club, and young professionals happy hour. 

It has been a pleasure working with fellow council member Jamey Harman and Association President Patricia Kapur on these initiatives. 

Do you think Phi Beta Kappa and a well-rounded, liberal arts and sciences education are important in todays society?  

Yes, you can’t have a functioning society without education. My education forced me out of my personal echo chambers and helped me view the world from other perspectives. We are lacking this as a society today, and it is truly tragic. 

Do you have any advice for young Phi Beta Kappa members?

In the decade since graduation I experienced numerous disappointments including job losses and failed business ventures. I have also experienced unimaginable joy and success, which I will always attribute to the grace of God. The joys and disappointments have made me the man I am today. 

Every successful Phi Beta Kappa member was once a young person filled with doubt. Those Presidents and Supreme Court Justices didn’t get sworn in when they were 21 or 22 years old! 

Always see life as a net positive. Is failure disappointing? Absolutely. Give yourself time to be disappointed, but quickly pick yourself up and see failure as an opportunity to try again or try something new.

What book are you reading right now? Are you listening to any podcasts or watching any shows? Anything you'd recommend?

We recently read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for the ΦBK Delaware Valley Book Club. This book chronicles the ups and downs of a young Nigerian woman’s immigration story. I thought it was incredible. 

My wife and I thoroughly enjoy watching The Crown, The Mandalorian, and an eclectic mix of Christmas movies.