• The Phi Beta Kappa Society on Democracy

    “Democracy has to be born anew every generation, and education is its midwife.”
          —John Dewey (ΦBK, University of Vermont)

    The Phi Beta Kappa Society firmly stands for the idea that inspired our beginnings: education in the liberal arts and sciences is essential for a vibrant democracy and culture. We believe an arts and sciences education has the power to transform individuals and their communities for the better.

    Membership in the Society is granted by campus-based chapters for life on the basis of undergraduate achievement in the liberal arts and sciences. Our network of over half a million members represents diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and viewpoints. Unfortunately, some individuals may act contrary to the Society’s commitment to a democratic society. While the national office cannot remove membership according to our bylaws, we can and will condemn behavior and actions contrary to our values.

    The Society calls on our members to live up to the values of their liberal arts and sciences education and urges institutions of higher learning to fulfill their historic mission of educating for democracy.

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