Kelly Lambert

Kelly Lambert is the Trawick Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Richmond where she investigates experience-based neuroplasticity and teaches multiple neuroscience courses. 
Professor Lambert has approximately 80 scholarly publications and has written two neuroscience textbooks and three mainstream books including Lifting Depression, The Lab Rat Chronicles, and Well-Grounded.  She is currently writing Wild Brains: Translating Optimal Mental Health Strategies from the Bush to the Bedside.  Lambert was awarded the Virginia Professor of the Year award in 2008 and, more recently, was recognized as one of three national finalists for Baylor University’s Robert Cherry Award for Great Teaching.  In 2018, Lambert was the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award given by the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society. Her research targeting connections between physical effort and emotional resilience was featured on CBS Sunday Morning and her rat-driving research has been featured in over 1500 news stories across the world, including the Netflix series The Hidden Lives of Pets and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Rat City. In 2019, Lambert described her behaviorceuticals research perspective in a TEDx Bermuda talk. In 2023, she received the Society for Neuroscience’s Science Educator Award for her scientific outreach endeavors. 

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