FAQs Relating to COVID-19


The Phi Beta Kappa Society is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and their impact on our campuses and our communities. We wish for the good health and safety of our many members and stand ready to assist as we can in this time of need.

You can learn more about the Society’s Emergency Fund for Student Inductions and offer your support.

General Questions


Is the Society’s national office open?

In keeping with the public health priority of social distancing, our national office staff members are working remotely. However, you may still reach us using the phone numbers and emails available in our Staff Directory or through support@pbk.org.

How can I connect with Phi Beta Kappa online?

Phi Beta Kappa and its publications The American Scholar and The Key Reporter are posting engaging articles and episodes of our podcasts, Key Conversations, Smarty Pants, and Americans in Paris. You can join our virtual community through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as the monthly online book group [Spoiler Alert]. We hope these offerings serve as resources in difficult times.

For Invited Students


I was invited to join Phi Beta Kappa. How can I accept my invitation?

Please visit www.pbk.org and choose “Accept Your Invitation” under the Membership dropdown menu. You will be asked to enter your school name, your chapter’s unique passcode, contact information, and details like your degree and major. If you have any questions throughout this short process, please email support@pbk.org.

My chapter won’t be holding an induction ceremony. Am I still considered a member?

Yes! Once you complete the online registration process and your chapter validates your membership, you are a full member of Phi Beta Kappa. We are working with chapters to hold virtual induction ceremonies this spring, and we are hopeful that some ceremonies may yet be able to take place. However, if any chapters are not able to host an induction ceremony, all students that they confirm as members this spring will be members of the Society.

Have a question about joining Phi Beta Kappa that isn’t answered here? Contact your school’s chapter officer.

For Chapter Volunteers


My chapter will not be able to host an induction ceremony. Do you have resources or ideas?

This spring, it is not necessary to host an induction ceremony. Once chapters validate membership through online registration, students will be considered members. Phi Beta Kappa’s national office has shared materials to assist chapters in registering students online as well as resources to host virtual induction ceremonies. Check your chapter dashboard for these updates and reach out to Ann McCulloch, Director, Chapter and Association Relations, with any questions. We are here to help!

Does Phi Beta Kappa have any guidance for chapters regarding changes in campus grading policies because of COVID-19?

Given the current emergency situation, Phi Beta Kappa’s national office has determined that chapters have the discretion to adapt their processes to respond to these unprecedented circumstances in order to offer membership to those who have earned election in the Spring of 2020. We encourage chapters to consider students’ academic records in light of the many challenges that are affecting this semester and, for example, to align assessment of transcripts with the policies of their campuses when graded courses have been converted to pass/fail.


For Association Volunteers

My association is scheduled to host an event later this spring. Should we proceed?

For the health and safety of our communities, Phi Beta Kappa recommends adherence with CDC and local guidelines regarding events. When canceling an upcoming event, please reach out to Ann McCulloch to ensure we remove the event from our calendar. We encourage associations to think creatively and look for ways to reach out to your association members virtually. Looking ahead, we look forward to collaborating on Key Connections events to welcome our newest members this September 10-13, and we expect to share information to assist with planning those events soon.